We design, manufacture and supply custom built Heat Transfer Equipments and system designed by our expert engineers team having 30 years of experience for specific need of customer either for process or energy saving.

Key Features

  • Vertically mounted SOLID FUEL FIRED Hot Air Generator.

  • The construction is multiple concentric shell type, shell and tube type, shell and shell type and Finnex tube type air heater.

  • Clean and contamination free instant Hot Air available for process.

  • Direct / Indirect type Hot Air Generator available for solid, liquid and gas fuels.

  • Significant cost saver compared to Electrical / Gas / Oil air heating.

  • Fully automatic in operation.

  • Flame failure safety in case of Oil / Gas fired units.

  • Robust design with minimum maintenance for burner, fans and controls.

Technical Specifications

Type: Shell and Shell, indirect/ Direct fired, Fully automatic.
Mounting: Horizontal/Vertical.
Capacity: 50,000 Kcal/hr to 30 lakh Kcal/hr.
Temperature: 550℃ to 1000 ℃.
Fuel Liquid fuels – HSD / LDO / FO.
Gaseous fuels – LPG/ CNG / LNG / BIO GAS.
Solid Fuel - Wood, Coal, Briquettes, Petcoke, Agro waste, Rice husk, Saw Dust, Groundnut Shell, Bagasse.
Thermal efficency: 80% ± 2% based on GCV of fuel for indirect type and 87% ±2% for direct type.