Customer Support


Includes Maintenance, Commissioning, Training & Trouble shooting.

The experience we have gained is also applied where it matters most: on-site. If required, our engineers start up the delivered system and ensure by giving an operator training that the customer’s operating personnel is thoroughly familiar with the system.

Our skilled service team also provides measurable improvement to your existing systems, maintaining the safety, performance and a long lifetime of your production.

After all, Customer Service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job!

For Services

Brijesh Shiroya
Mob : +91 9824134201


Fast and reliable service for spare parts.

Brijmech systems are in use around under hardest conditions as the industries are going for capital intensive, mass production oriented and sophisticated technology. The downtime for any plant and machinery is expensive as well as unaffordable.

Here the durability and reliability of each individual component is of utmost importance. Therefore we have established an effective spare parts management system to provide fast and reliable spare part services for each component of our systems.

We just don’t take care of the customer, we help the customer!

For Spares

Deepak Ahir
Mob : +91 9879680047